Project Description

Simple, yet Elegant

The goal: hassle-free landscaping. The customer’s request was to enhance their landscaping with an attractive border as well as low maintenance plants and flowers that would not grow out of control or have a messy appearance.


1- Upgraded Border. To start things off, we replaced the plastic border with an attention-grabbing stone border around the planting beds and palm trees.

2- Low Maintenance Plants. Lining the new stone border is the low-growing Green Island Ficus, which offers a neat, manicured look with its glossy, compact foliage. Sprinkled into the mix are Dwarf Crown of Thorns which are unique in appearance with their round, yellow flowers and large oval leaves. For an accent piece, we added a Crinum Lily that boasts beautiful white flowers. A large Hibiscus Bush with gorgeous, red flowers was used to brighten up an empty corner.

3- Vibrant Color. A gorgeous display of red and white Pentas were placed around the trees and positioned into the plant beds. Pentas are a perennial flower that provides exceptional, year-round beauty.

4- Fresh Mulch. For the final touch, fresh red mulch was applied to the plant beds and around the palm trees, creating a uniform cover of appealing color and texture.

Project Details
Property Type: Residential
Location: Boca Raton, Florida
Scope of Work: Landscape Design & Installation, Mulch Installation, Tree Trimming
Landscape Plant Materials: Crinum Lily,  Green Island Ficus, Pentas, Hibiscus, Dwarf Crown of Thorns, Christmas Palm, Foxtail Palm, Pentas, Red Mulch

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