Project Description

Reduce, Reuse & Revamp

After having a new home built, the customer was not happy with the selection and layout of the landscaping plants the builder used. We offered a creative solution that would improve the overall layout of some of the existing plants while bringing in some eye catching plants with a variety of interesting shapes and more vibrant colors.


1- Get Organized. Relocated plants such as Trinette Arboricola,  Juniper, and Flax Lily to more suitable locations. Then defined the beds with a high quality border that would be later used to separte the mulch and rock.

2- Add some drama. To accent the architecture of the house and bring some height and dimension to the landscaping, 4 large Italian Cypress Trees were placed framing the garages. Maui Ixora adds a burst of color in front of the Robellini Palms and in front of the Bottle Palm in smaller bed on right. Vibrantly colored Crotons were strategically placed in the beds which created a nice contrast with the Flax Lily, Juniper and Ixoras.

3- Bring in the tropics. A beautiful variety of tropical plants were used to add some exotic shapes and vibrant color to the landscaping. Some of the plants used are: Ti Red, Varigated Shell Ginger, Croton Mammy, Cat Palms, Black Magic Ti, Philodendron Xanadu, Bromeliads, & more.

4- Soften the edges. The center island was reduced and reshaped by adding sod to get rid of the sharp edges and create a softer look while creating  a larger area for the kids to play.

5- Beautify the beds. For the finishing touch, dark brown mulch was applied to the plant beds and around the palm trees, creating a uniform cover of appealing color and texture. Brown egg rock was then layed around the mulch to create additional interest.

Project Details
Property Type: Residential
Location: Coral Springs, Florida
Scope of Work: Landscape Design & Installation, Sod Replacement, Mulch Installation, Rock Installation, Sod Installation
Landscape Plant Materials: Italian Cypress, Bottle Palm, Maui Ixora – Yellow, Ti Red, Variegated Shell Ginger, Croton Mammy, Cat Palms, Black Magic Ti, Philodendron Xanadu, Bromeliads, Flax Lily, Brown Egg Rock.

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