Project Description

Neat & Tidy: Looking to achieve a cleaner look to their island bed, this client wanted to revamp the landscaping with some beautiful, low-maintenance and long lasting plants.


1- Switch it up. Unhappy with the size and shape of the tree that was there, we assisted this customer in finding something more suited to their tastes by helping select a larger tree that would provide seasonal color and be a beautiful focal point of the yard.

2- Brought it down a notch. After removing the existing plants, we framed the back of the Cassia Tree with low growing Gold mounds and Liriope. For the front of the tree, a rock garden was created in order to showcase a beautiful variety of Bromeliads.

3- Tying it all together. Creating a beautiful contrast of colors, shapes and textures, a similar pattern of Bromeliads was used in front of a palm tree in an adjoining corner of the yard.