Project Description

Dare to be Different

Tired of seeing the same old plants everywhere they went, this customer wanted to incorporate some unique, tropical plants into their patio garden. The overall goal was a simple and clean look without an overkill of plants that would make a mess with their droppings. Also wanting to avoid debris and dirt making its way to the pool, an alternative solution to mulch was requested.


1- Extraordinary Plants. Assisted the customer in choosing plants that would provide visual interest as well as achieve the unique appearance they were looking for. The plants selected were Heliconia Lady Di, Butterfly Ginger and Shrimp Plants. Each of the plants has a distinct appearance along with spectacular flowers unlike any other.

2- New Rock & Stepping Stones. Tying it all together, white coral rock was filled into the plant bed, making a striking contrast with the dark tiles of the patio. Stepping stones that coordinated with the tiles were placed in the path to the screen door in order to avoid kicking around the smaller rocks.

Project Details
Property Type: Residential
Location: Boca Raton, Florida
Scope of Work: Landscape Design & Installation,  Rock Installation,
Landscape Plant Materials: Heliconia – Lady Di, Shrimp Plant, Ginger Plant

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