Project Description

Ixora Maui: Ixora Maui

-Light Exposure: Full Sun – Part Sun
-Water Req: Medium
-Height: 2 – 3 ft.
-Growth Rate: Moderate

Mai Ixora is a beautiful, low-maintenance shrub consisting large, rounded clusters of  yellow or reddish-orange flowers with large, dark green leaves.  The over-sized leaves are what set the Maui Ixora apart from the Dwarf Ixora, which has small, dense foliage. An evergreen perennial that thrives in hot, humid weather, the Ixora Plant blooms year-round in South Florida and grows best with full sun and well drained soil.  For best appearance, fertilize Ixora Maui 3 times per year in spring, summer and fall with a quality granular fertilizer and supplement feedings with bonemeal or liquid fertilizer for increased blooms.