Project Description

Acoelorrhaphe Wrightii: Paurotis Palm ‘Everglades Palm’

-Light Exposure: Full Sun
-Water Req: Moderate
-Height: 15- 25 ft.
-Growth Rate: Moderate

The Paurotis Palm also known as the Everglades Palm is a Florida native that is moderately salt tolerant and prefers moist soil but will tolerate some drought. It can reach heights up to 25 ft and grow about a foot per year. The Everglades Palm has a spreading and clumping habit, so a very dense tangle of foliage can form if the suckers are not routinely removed.  It is best to plant in an area where it has a little room to spread. When kept well-trimmed, this palm is known for looking extremely attractive with nighttime up-lighting. For best appearance, fertilize 2 – 3 times per year with a quality palm fertilizer. The Paurotis or Everglades Palm is also known as Silver Saw Palmetto.