Project Description

Easy Does It

Looking to enhance the relaxing vibe in the back of their waterfront home, this customer wanted a tropical feel infused with some color around their pool and patio area.


1- Island Life. To bring a more tropical feel to the pool area, a variety of palms and tropical plants were used in the beds and containers around the pool area. A beautiful variety of greens, reds, yellows and whites were used along with a unique mixture of different shapes and sizes in order to create soothing visual interest throughout the landscape. All of the plants selected are ideal for lounging poolside because they do not create a mess with constantly dropping leaves and flowers. Some of the plants used were: Pygmy Date Robellini Palm, Andonidia Christmas Palm, Croton, Liriope, Heliconia Lady Di, and Philodendron Selloum.

 2- Beauty in the Shade. Towards the northeast corner of the house, we brightened up some shady spots with some lush, tropical plants that work well in low light conditions. Some of the plants used here are: Cat Palms, Hosta Plants, White Begonias, Golden Shrimp Plants, and Rhapis Lady Palms.

Project Details
Property Type: Residential
Location: Boca Raton, Florida
Scope of Work: Landscape Design & Installation, Tree Installation, Rock Installation, Sod Installation, Mulch Installation, Tree Trimming
Landscape Plant Materials: Robellini Palm,  Begonia,  Heliconia Lady Di, Cat Palm, Croton, Shrimp Plant

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