Project Description

Clusia rosea: Clusia

-Light Exposure: Full Sun – Part Shade
-Water Req: Moderate
-Height: 8 – 10  ft.
-Growth Rate: Moderate

Clusia is a low maintenance plant that features large, tear drop shaped leaves that are leathery in texture. Perfect for use as a hedge or a privacy screen, Clusia Rosea has dense foliage that starts close to the ground and grows tall and wide. It can also be grown as a small tree or a large accent piece in the landscape. Perfect for coastal areas in South Florida where salt tolerance is a must, Clusia is a very hardy plant that can thrive in poor soil and harsh weather conditions.   Spacing should be approx 5 feet apart. Clusia is also called the Autograph Plant because you can write on a leaf with a coin or finger nail and it will stay there for the life of the leaf. Salt, wind & drought tolerant.