Project Description

Bougainvillea spp. : Bougainvillea 

-Light Exposure: Full Sun
-Water Req: Low
-Height: Max 20 ft.
-Growth Rate: Fast

The Bougainvillea Bush is a beautiful evergreen plant that blooms year-around offering an explosion of rich color that will stand out in any landscape. A hardy perennial that thrives in dry, sunny areas, the Bougainvillea can be utilized as a shrub, a tree, or trained as a vine along a trellis, fence or garden arbor. Although most people are familiar with the large variety of Bougainvillea that gets up to 20′+ tall, there are mid size and dwarf varieties available if you prefer to keep them on the small side.¬† Use caution when handling, Bougainvillea is known for it’s extremely sharp thorns.