Tired of seeing plant after plant wilt and die because weather or watering conditions weren’t just right? Here are 5 hard to kill plants that require little to no fuss.

foxtailFoxail Fern

Foxtail Ferns are tough little plants that thrive on neglect. Plant them in full sun or full shade and they will last for years. An ideal container plant, Foxtail Ferns require zero watering on your part after they are established and their bushy form and bright coloring contrast nicely with any landscape.



Crown of Thorns- Dwarf 03Crown of Thorn

Crown of Thorns bring color to your containers and planting beds with a fraction of the work required for other annuals and perennials.  Ideal for containers , these hardy plants prefer full sun and are drought tolerant. Get them established in the pot, and let nature do the rest. Crown of Thorns come in multiple varieties that include red, yellow or pink flowers. Dwarf and larger sizes are available.



agave Agave Plant

Agave Plants bring drama and beauty to the landscape with their unique shape and form. Extremely drought tolerant, these plants can be left alone after getting established. Because they are slow growing, you can grow them in a container when they are small. Just remember that they will eventually need more room. Also, be sure to plant the Agave Plant out of the way, most varieties have very sharp points.


Sansevieria Zeylanica 01-MAIN PHOTOSnake Plant

Another easy to grow plant in South Florida is the Snake Plant. Often described as bulletproof, the Snake Plant tolerates both sun and shade and is very drought tolerant. Plant indoors to help filter your air of harmful pollutants or plant in the garden to add vertical interest to shady spots.




golden pathos

Golden Pathos

Golden Pathos is an easy to grow vine that requires little watering and zero light to thrive, perfect for those who lack a green thumb. It works great for hanging baskets with its beautiful, cascading habit.  Also known as Devil’s Ivy, Golden Pathos is ideal for growing indoors because of its ability to efficiently remove toxins such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde from the air in your home.


desert roseDesert Rose

A great choice for a container in a sunny spot, the Desert Rose plant will provide you with abundant blooms all year long with little care. Desert Rose is a drought tolerant plant that needs well draining soil and full sun. Fertilize for heavier blooms and only add water when there is extreme drought. Flowers come in red, pink and white.


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