Project Description

Washingtonia robusta: Washington Palm or Mexican Fan Palm

-Light Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade
-Water Req: Moderate
-Height: 70- 100 ft.
-Growth Rate: Fast

The Washington Palm also called the Mexican Fan Palm is a fast growing palm that is moderately drought tolerant and has fan-shaped leaves, about 3 to 5 feet wide, with sharply toothed petioles about 4 to 6 feet long. Growing to sizes of 70 to 100 feet tall, the Mexican Fan Palm is much to large for the typical residential landscape. In Florida, young Mexican fan palms will retain their old leaves (or old leaf bases if the leaves have been cut off) for a number of years, resulting in a skirt of old dried leaves hanging around the trunk similar to a hula skirt. Once the palms reach about 30 feet in height they typically drop their old leaves or leaf bases within a period of a year or two. Once that occurs these palms essentially become “self-cleaning” and do not require manual removal of old leaves.