Before the hurricane season begins:

Make a Plan:

  • Create a family plan
  • Decide where you will ride out the storm
  • Review Insurance Policies
  • Find out where the nearest shelter is
  • Have trees and shrubs properly trimmed

When a hurricane is approaching:

Prepare the outside of your home:

  • Bring in lawn furniture and remove any other loose items from the yard and patio areas
  • Tie down small or young trees to prevent uprooting
  • Secure objects that can’t be brought inside
  • Clear loose and clogged downspouts and rain gutters
  • Board up or shutter windows
  • Do not completely drain swimming pool
  • Turn off propane tanks

Prepare the inside of your home:

  • Make sure all doors and windows are secure
  • Perform a inventory of home contents (electronics, jewelry, appliances, clothing, etc.) and store in safe place.
  • Take detailed photos(s)/videos(s) of home property and contents (internal and external) and store in safe place.
  • Place valuables and important documents (i.e. insurance papers) in waterproof containers and store in a secure location preferably up high
  • Set refrigerator and freezer to coldest settings
  • Freeze water jugs and fill ice chest
  • Fill bathtub and other large containers with water for sanitary purposes
  • Place flashlights and batteries throughout the house and keep one with you
  • Leave radio or TV on an emergency information station
  • Move vehicle(s) into a garage or next to a building; avoid parking near trees and utility poles

Gather Supplies:

  • Fill vehicles and gas cans with gas
  • Make sure you have cash on hand (small bills) in the event power is out for any length of time
  • Prepare Emergency Supply Kit
  • Freeze Water in Plastic Jugs

Emergency Numbers

Broward County

Emergency Management : (954) 831-3900

Hurricane Hotline: (954) 831-4000

American Red Cross: (954) 797-3800 

Special Needs: (954) 359-1313

Animal Control: (954) 359-1313

FPL: 1-800-4OUTAGE (1-800-468-8243)

Palm Beach County

Emergency Management : (561) 712-6400

American Red Cross: (561) 833-7711

Animal Control: (561) 233-1200

FPL: 1-800-4OUTAGE (1-800-468-8243)